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December, 2013
Gary Wells Biography

2013 has been a busy year for Gary and things are not looking like they will slow down any time soon.

He has spent much of the year organizing and acquiring the resources to produce his biography. Writing began in September and he expects the book to be released in the fall of 2014.

Completing his life story will continue to occupy his time but he will still be able to fit in doing what he loves most, motorcycle riding in Sonora Mexico.

Contact Gary if you would like to explore the beautiful beaches and desert with him - you may also get a sneak preview of the upcoming release!


November, 2010
RV Rental Available At Gringo Loco RV Park

Looking for unrestricted off-road riding in one of the Southwest's most beautiful settings but have no place to stay? No Worries. Gary has made available a rental RV with full hook-ups, outdoor BBQ and firepit, and some of the most fantastic off-road adventures around.

You do not need to worry about the hassles and expense of lodging - just bring your bikes, quads, or whatever and settle in for a weekend (or a week!) of wide-open exploration of the Sonoran desert and the beaches of the Sea of Cortez.

Call Gary directly for more information on this opportunity (US: 602-531-5971...MX: 011521-638-380-1117)  or visit this page for more information on the web.


September, 2010

On September 15th, 1980, Gary Well's made his best-known motorcyle jump, one that nearly cost him his life.

 The jump was featured live across the nation on ABC TV. The event included other celebrities such as Mohammed Ali and Joe Namath. One of the largest crowds in Las Vegas history gathered to view this history-making event. And in the end, Gary had cleared the famous fountain but failed to land in the center of his ramp. This small error nearly cost Gary his life. He was months in the hospital, undergoing a series of critical operations, before returning to the motorcycle world. (Photos of this event can be seen here.)

Gary has continued his long career of record-breaking motorcycle events throughout the world.

This month he sends his deepest thanks and appreciation to all of the loyal fans who have helped and encouraged throughout the years. There are more exciting events in store, so please return to this site and check for more information.

February, 2010

Phoenix Magazine has feautured Gary in its February issue. In a two-page spread, Gary answers questions about his life, work, and his future. CLICK HERE  for the article in PDF format.

December 1, 2009

Gary is nearing completion on the "El Gringo Loco RV Park" in Sonora, Mexico. Now that Rocky Point has just about eliminated access to the beaches and the dunes by off-roaders, Gary is providing a beach paradise with absolute access to everything - just 100 miles south of Rocky Point.  Enjoy 40 miles of virgin beaches, sand dunes reaching 200 feet in height, the tranquility of the Sonoran desert and the beauty of the Sea of Cortez! There are even guided motorcycle rides, guided fishing excursions,  and jet ski rentals available! CLICK HERE for more information.

February 21, 2009

The biggest news is Gary's announcement of his Sonoran Adventure rides in rural Mexico. This is not like the "Baja 500" or other better-known events; this is an oppurtunity to explore authentic and genuine Mexico along the Sonoran coast. The tours are guided by Gary personally, and are offered the first weekend of every month.

The first such event is extra special! It is a celebration of Cinco de Mayo combined with this challenging ride. To help promote this experience, Gary has reduced the price from $695 to $545 per person for the first eight riders! It will also include a souvenir photo of Gary doing a beach jump over the top of this select group of riders and their bikes! Additionally, this particular ride will be videotaped for a special show in the Arizona markets. Be a part of it! For more information about this opportunity, look here.


March1, 2009

The definition of "hero" has become clouded and tainted in this country. For steroid use to blood-doping, those specail athletes we once grew up loving and respecting have turned out to be frauds. Very sad for all of us.

Gary received an anonymos email that really brings this tragedy into perspective.

We are reproducing this email in its entirety and without corrections below.

It deserves some thought.....


The Transformation of the American Hero
What ever happened to the American Hero ? In the past we had people like Joe DiMaggio, Jackie Robinson, Jessie Owens, Charles Lindburgh, Emilia Earhardt, Jim Thorpe, the seven Mercury Astronauts and many more like them. These people stood for what was good in this country, they did what they did for the joy of it and not for fame and fortune. The people we call heroes today can't compare to these men and women.
If we look at the heroes of today we see very little good. Most of today's heroes won't even give a kid an autograph because their agent tells them not to unless there is a buck in it. If a child wants a baseball   with his favorite players signature on it, he has to go to a sports memorabillia store and pay big bucks for it. Aren't these people being paid enough?
When Babe Ruth and Roger Maris hit all there home runs they were playing a game they loved. Did they make a good living, of course they did, but they were not paid anything in relation to what people like Mark Meguire are being paid today. Something has gone very wrong. This man is a great ball player and he hit a record number of home runs, but although it was not a drug that is considered illegal  he still took a performance enhancing substance to help him set his record. Basketball players who get caught  taking illegal drugs get a slap on the wrist and are allowed to continue to collect their large salaries and play the game. Is this a message we want to send to our youth. Then we have a person like Dennis Rodman, enough said.
Mike Tyson is a man looked up to by many. He like so many others was good at what he did. Was he the best, who knows. His early fights were hand picked to make him look good. The thing we need to look at is the fact that he is a convicted rapist and a wife beater, not a man to aspire to be like.
The latest person to be raised to hero status is Robbie Knievel. Like his dad Evel, he is billed as a record setting daredevil. Can he jump a motorcycle a long distance, yes. Has he really set any records, no one knows for sure because no sanctioning has ever been allowed to measure any of his jumps. He has been challenged repeatedly by Gary Wells whose records were sanctioned and measured by American Hot Rod Association. If he is truly the best in the world  why 
  not accept the challenge and prove it. He was supposed to jump the Grand Canyon on April 29th. Was he really going to jump the Grand Canyon,techically yes, but a small offshoot of the Canyon is not what most people think of as the Grand Canyon. if one listens to the advertisements for this event that was to be televised on Fox TV we are told of a jump Robbie did over 33 limousines that number was 30 when he actually did that jump. The distance quoted for the Canyon jump changes depending on the article you read or the TV reporter you listen to, a tape measure would actually give us a exact distance, why not use one? A newspaper article states that his takeoff ramp is 700 feet long with an angle of 14 degrees, you can see on TV that there may be 700 feet of level approach area but the actual takeoff ramp is nowhere near 700 feet. Can't anyone take the time to verify some thing as simple as a distance before writing a newspaper article or going on national TV? The jump had to be postopned due to bad weather and no one can blame Robbie for that, but with all the other inaccuracies was the jump ever to really take place at all and will it now take place in the future as stated or just fade away. Is Robbie just like his dad, a person who was less than honest when he talked about the clean  life he lived during interviews, but was in fact a wife beater, womanizer and an alcoholic. 
He like Robboie quoted distances and many other supposed facts but never allowed them to be verified. If Robbie is the best then why wont he take on any challengers in a head to head competition, thats what a real hero would do.
So what has happened to what we call heroes, are they the men of years gone or are they people who are looking to make a quick buck no matter how they have to do it. Wake up America, outrageous or illegal behavior, have truths and little or no regard for the people who  look up to you does not make what we once called a HERO.